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Valiente's Li Hing Plum Candy

In the early 1900's, an asian immigrant by the name of Yee Sheong brought dried preserved plums from mainland China while traveling to the islands of Hawaii which became the local snack favorite of generations to follow. The name "Li Hing" means "traveling" while "Mui" means "plum", hence the name "Li Hing Mui" to describe the tasty treat from the Orient. The original name was created by "Yick Lung Co." back in 1900!

Have you ever experienced your mouth becoming dry or felt the constant need to clear your throat prior to a public speaking engagement? Sucking on a Li Hing Mui candy causes your mouth to salivate helping a dry throat.

The main characteristic of Li Hing Mui is the dried plum preserved with an intense sweet and saltiness that creates an addictive mouth-watering taste. Valiente's Li Hing Plum candy delivers the famous "Li Hing Mui" taste known by generations in Hawaii!

Valiente's Li Hing Plum Candy
" The Desktop Candy of Choice "

Li Hing Mui Label

The taste of Li Hing Plum candy has maintained rapid popularity throughout Asia for decades from kids to grown ups.

Packed in a convenient resealable container to keep product fresh, a bottle fits easily in a purse or bag for travel.

Professional speakers commonly suck on a Li Hing candy prior to delivering presentations.

Valiente's candy comes in an assortment of flavors available in shrink wrapped trays of 12 for easy retail counter display.

Each case holds 24 shrink wrapped trays containing 12 bottles each.

For those who have asked, unfortunately we no longer produce the "Valiente's Li Hing Mui" Sauce. Inquiries relating to where our candy is sold, may contact AC Lyau & Company in Honolulu.

Li Hing Bottle
Remember the good 'ole Yick Lung days of "Cracked Seed"?

Yick Lung

Valiente's Li Hing Candy features the recognizable "Yick Lung" POG logo on the cap for those of you who remember the good 'ole days of Crack Seed growing up in Hawaii.

Those of you who miss the old Yick Lung favorites, send us an email where we may have a surprise in store for you.

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